The Color of Money or The Color of Your Aura

I’ve done the tarot card reading, the Bible study, and the reiki.  I’ve picked up crystals in the Sedona vortex and so the next step in this process was an aura reading.  The only problem was that I wanted it to come from a reputable source and not someone asking for $20 in a back alley to tell me what color my aura is. When Brittany and I decided to go crystal shopping in the Sedona vortex, she told me she had her aura read a few years ago and she knew a place.  Perfect!

My aura reading was done at Mystical Bazaar, the crystal shopping mecca.  They also read auras, palms, tarot cards and any other form of psychic reading you can think of.  For mine, I sat in front of a computer and put my hand on a little disc shaped thing that read my energy {aka it measures your Bio-Data through Biofeedback Sensors.  Fancy.}  This isn’t your doctor.  Take what they tell you with a grain of salt.

The Color of Money or The Color of Your Aura

You may or may not believe in any of it, which is fine.  But for me, all of the readings I’ve had, I have been given information that linked up with something else.  Meaning, what I was told in my tarot card reading matches up with Bible study, which matches up with reiki, which matches up with my aura reading.

It turns out my aura is green.  Deep green to be precise.  I am balanced, social, a teacher, I love people, nature and animals. The love of people is questionable, as I dealt with the public for several years and I don’t know about that… Then again, I do love my friends and socializing.  I love nature and the environment and given my desire to save the whales, I would agree with the animals part.

I’m also material, communicative, quick minded and an organizer. Proof that while I may be seeking answers to questions about my life from unconventional sources, I’m too materialistic to be a true hippie. I work as a communicator, I have a quick wit, and I can organizer your closet like nobody’s business, so my aura reader knows what shes talking about.

Next, I learned I have an average aura.  It’s medium. Meh.  I’m glad it wasn’t small, but doesn’t everyone want a big one? Thankfully, my seven chakras were round meaning they are balanced and harmonious.  Thank you, reiki!

While they may be balanced, my chakras had mid to low energy.  To be fair I had been up since 4:30 a.m. that day, flew to Phoenix then drove two and a half hours to Sedona.  I was also starving and ready to eat my hand if needed, so if she had told me anything different, I wouldn’t have believed her.

My lowest chakra was my Navel Chakra.  Digestive track.  See above regarding eating my hand.  My highest chakra was my Third Eye Chakra.  Intuition. Makes sense since I “just know” a lot of things, but I don’t see dead people.

Since my energy levels seemed to be low, it was recommended that I go to the beach or mountains to unwind and recharge.  Well, we were already in the mountains and a few days later, I was near the beach.

During this process and given my Colorado upbringing, I always thought I preferred the mountains to the beach.  I have since discovered that being near the water is actually very healing for me.  Hence the four beach vacations I’ve taken in less than a year.

Some other tidbits I learned are that I may be inconsistent and incomprehensible.  This applies to my parenting style.

I have a strong sense of loyalty and I am a clear thinker.  I currently have great self-confidence and an internal connection with the Divine. Thank you, Bible study!

In relationships I have high expectations, I’m goal oriented, I need emotional security, and I’m careful. My high expectations and carefulness coupled with my choosing partners who can’t, for whatever reason, provide me emotional security, have killed previous relationships.  It all makes sense now.

Socially, I am aristocratic {God Save the Queen}, I have an expensive life style, business friends {most of my friends are former co-workers} and I enjoy social events. Ironically, most of the careers my aura supports are financial, which is not interesting to me in the least.

Deep-Greens love to give advice and tell other people what to do.  We think we know everything better, and this could even be the truth because we are the perfect teachers.  Please, please, please let my ex-husband read that last sentence.  See?  I always did know what I was talking about.

If we are unhappy or frustrated we will unleash a verbal assault to get rid of our frustration. Truth.  I always blamed this one on hormones and an inherited Scottish temper. Turns out, it’s my deep green aura.

We want to control our lives and we have a hard time letting go.  No shit.  Putting my life in God’s hand, and actively following my heart and intuition, will bring me true self-empowerment on all levels.


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