Written in the {Tarot} Cards

As part of my spiritual/finding myself again/rebooting my life journey, I’ve decided I’m doing everything and anything, and I’ll see what sticks.  It can’t hurt, right?  That being said, if you have any suggestions, let me know.  My friend Erica suggested I have my Tarot cards read.  I am a believer in all of it, so I was totally in for this one.

Written in the Tarot Cards

When I lived in L.A. in the late 90’s I was at a transitional period in my life {go figure} and I had a lot of questions about the future.  My friend Cynthia suggested I get my coffee grounds read.

She had done it before and wanted to do it again, so we went together.  We arrived at the woman’s apartment, where it became clear not only could she read coffee grounds, but she had kept every item brought into her apartment since the 1970’s.

We somehow made our way through all the muck to the kitchen table, which was surprisingly cleared off.  She made us Turkish coffee in a tiny cup and asked us to drink it, leaving behind a string of grounds in the bottom of the cup.  I can’t remember much about my reading except she told me not to worry about getting married.

This was fair, because I was worried about it.  Then again it was L.A. and I was in my mid-20’s.  I fit the profile.  I do remember that within a year of that reading, I left L.A. and met my ex-husband.  Maybe she did know something.

This reading was a lot more in depth and I took lots of notes.  Jennifer is an Intuitive. She is amazing and she’s not a hoarder.  My reading took place in a beautiful home on the west side of Denver.  We sat on the floor and she asked me to shuffle the cards so I could put my own energy into them.  Once they were shuffled to my liking, she spread them in front of her in a line.  She asked me if I had any areas of concern, to which I replied, “Career and love.”

I told her what I did for a living and gave a small history of my recent divorce.  Other than that, I didn’t give her a lot of information unless she pulled a card and asked me to tell her about “blah blah blah.” She nailed just about everything.

She pulled all the cards from the right end of the deck, in the order they were laying.  The first two cards she pulled represented me; one is a juggler.  She tells me I feel like I’m juggling a lot of different responsibilities right now.  Yes.

I immediately start crying because I cry at everything, and how can this be so spot on right off the bat?  The other card is the weight of the world on your shoulders, which I do feel and which prompts more crying.

She pulled a card that has to do with career and says, “What are you working on right now?  Whatever it is, it’s your soul’s path.”  Umm, I’m doing some PR work for a restaurant in Chicago, but I don’t think that’s my soul’s purpose.  I also write a blog, oh, and I have a bigger project I’m working on but it’s secret right now.  Bingo.  The secret project is my soul’s path.  Continue down that path she says.

She pulled a relationship card.  My ex-husband.  She says some things, but I’ll keep them to myself.  She also says he was not who I was supposed to be with, but the relationship served its purpose in my life.  Agreed.

She pulled me again; I’m the Queen of Cups.  Then she pulled another relationship card.  “Hmmm, is there another guy?” she asked inquisitively.  Well, yes, there was.  This card is Mr. Big.

She told me he has similar qualities to my ex-husband.  This I knew and was probably why I chose him.  Also why I’m on this path to make sure I don’t choose those qualities again.  I’ll keep what she said about Mr. Big to myself as well.

Next, she pulled a card with a man in a black cape, his back turned to us.  She tells me not to be intimidated; it looks like a scary card, but it’s not.  He has spilled cups at his feet in front of him, and full cups behind him.  It is a reminder to look around and not forget to see the full cups and the good in my life.  Don’t focus on the spilled cups.  This can totally be me sometimes.

Then she pulls the King of Cups.  My equal.  “Here he is.  This is your guy.  He’s out there,” she said.  She just hopes I recognize him when he shows up since I’m so used to the other stuff.  Awesome.  I probably won’t recognize him and then… Just kidding, the cups are full, of course I’m going to recognize him!

She pulled a card that represented my Dad and she asks me about something that only pertained to me and my Dad.  It got a little Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry at this point.  I already trusted her, but now I really trusted her.  More crying.

When my hour was up, I was left with some other takeaways such as, I need to be more spontaneous, and to stop building my relationships on sand.  Also, a charming young Italian guy may show up in my life, but be wary of him.  It got a little Poltergeist when that card showed up.  I think she was even creeped out.

I loved my tarot card reading and I look forward to doing it again.  Next up, I got a life coach and I’m doing a Bible study on not comparing yourself to others.  Pretty relevant in my life right now.  I’ll tell you about those things later.

So, I’m focusing on myself, and writing lots of stuff down so it all comes true.  Drink, pray, love.  I hope they serve wine at my Bible study…

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