Fleetwood Mac was in Denver last night and it was pretty amazing.  Stevie Nicks and her tambourine, live and in person are something to behold.  Fleetwood Mac are special to me for lots of reasons.

When I got married, we had a hard time choosing a song for our first dance.  I’m not really a “this is our song” type of person, and neither was he.  If that were truly the case, our first dance would’ve been to Limp Bizkit’s Nookie.  I know what you’re thinking, but it’s only because we got together in 1999 and we played that song to death during the first few months of our relationship.

Songbird Landslide Fleetwood Mac

We liked a wide range of music, and while some of our tastes collided, others did not.  One band we agreed on was Fleetwood Mac.  I was listening to the Rumors CD one day and Songbird came on.  Bingo!  I knew it was the song.

Years later, it would also be Tom and Katie’s wedding song.  While TomKat’s marriage would crash and burn before ours, it’s a fun fact.  But, if you’re considering Songbird for your wedding song, you may want to reconsider.  As beautiful as it is, it doesn’t appear to have a good track record, songwriter included.

When I got divorced, I decided Landslide was my divorce song.  Stevie Nicks wrote it for Lindsay Buckingham in 1973.  She was in Aspen surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, thinking of avalanches and how they can bring you down.  Divorces can do that, too. Last night she dedicated it to George H. W. Bush.

The song is about the ocean’s changing tide, and we just sail through life.  And then an avalanche will bring it down.  And you’ll be scared to change because you built your life around them.  I’m slowly learning you shouldn’t build your life around anyone except yourself.

It is now my mission to teach my daughter not to build her life around someone.  Based on her commentary while we’re watching episodes of The Bachelor, I think I’ve done a good job so far.  But, it was never my intention to change so much for someone in the first place.  I’m super independent, maybe to a fault.  Then again, co-dependence is it’s own monster and don’t we all have bits of both?

Shit happens in life and people change their minds, and you have two choices – to go with it or not.  You go with it, sailing through the changing ocean’s tide.  You don’t go with it, you ride the landslide and hope you don’t get buried.

I will readily admit the landslide brought me down momentarily.  So, my post divorce song should be Don’t Stop.  I didn’t stop thinking about tomorrow, mainly because I’ve been so worried about it.  But hey, it’s all going to be okay.  My Tarot card reader told me so, and my life coach tells me so, too.

In fact, during my second reiki session, she saw a koala and an alligator {how is it possible that one animal is adorable and the other so gross, yet they both appear in the same session?}  Koala meant I needed to watch my diet.  Eat more greens, less chips.

It also meant I should plan a relaxing getaway.  How perfect since I had two trips planned that month!  Koala also means watch out for those emotions and keep them contained.  Basically, don’t let the landslide get you down.

Alligator represents slowing down and digesting information instead of always looking for more.  I guess I shouldn’t read three self-help books at a time, then?  I need to be assertive with personal boundaries.  Clearly.

I also need to deal with just the facts.  I guess that goes back to keeping my emotions contained.  The alligator also means I am at the end of a phase in my life and moving into a new era.

The “don’t stop” era.  The “it’s going to all work out the way it’s supposed to” era.  The “I did it all for the nookie, so you can take that cookie…” Just kidding.  That era has passed.

But thankfully, the 70’s are alive and kicking!  Stevie Nicks and her tambourine are proof of that, but come to think of it, I kind of miss Limp Bizkit…

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