Guys, Harry and Meghan are currently in London, but make no mistake, the Megxit is here.  Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal family is a big deal.  We haven’t seen anything like this since Wallis Simpson stole King Edward VIII away from the throne in 1936.  Ironic since I call Meghan a modern day Wallis Simpson.  Also ironic, Wallis was the Duchess of Windsor {Harry and Meghan were married at Windsor Castle} and she’s buried on the grounds of Frogmore {Frogmore Cottage is H & M’s UK residence.}

Not being a fan of Meghan is a very unpopular stance and I get it.  I want to like her, I really do.  But, most of the time I don’t and we’re all entitled to our own opinion.


The Royal Family

What does the Royal Family do?  Well, for starters they live, breath and worship their country.  They are raised with the notion that they will never have a normal life, or for that matter, a life that belongs only to them.  They are raised on the foundation that everything they do must be for the benefit of the United Kingdom.  This mindset is how Harry was raised.

The Queen, his grandmother, works in conjunction with the Prime Minister to promote policies and help iron out any kinks in the political process.  They are a high-profile family, so that means they are influential, which means they can get things done.

It also means they can raise a lot of money and bring to light causes near and dear to their hearts. Causes that help make not only their country a better place, but that make the world a better place.  They cost a lot of money, but they bring in a lot of money as well.  And they are evolving with the times.  William and Kate and Harry and Meghan were definitely looked at as the future of the monarchy.

The strain of Royal life is like no other.  The Duke and Duchess of York’s marriage fell apart because of the crazy schedules they both kept.  They never saw each other.  Princess Diana talked openly about the struggles of public life and in the end, it was our thirst for all things Princess Diana that ultimately killed her.

Flash forward to William and Harry.  While William’s the heir, and Harry’s the spare, the two brothers have been by each other’s sides since they were young.  When William and Kate got married, Harry continued to live at Kensington Palace with them.  They were the Fab 3.  They even looked like they were enjoying themselves while promoting sensitive topics like their mental health initiative, Heads Together.

Meet Meghan

It was evident how well Harry and Kate got along, and the three of them were fun to watch.  Enter Meghan Markel.  A D-list actress on a cable network show.  Also, a former Holder of Suitcase #24 on Deal or No Deal.  I was happy for Harry and excited that he had found his match, because let’s be honest we weren’t sure it was going to happen for him.

Meghan was great!  She was well-spoken, had her own causes, was thriving on her own, and she was going to bring diversity to the Royal Family.

The Fab 3 now became the Fab 4.  Or not. At first, it looked like she was fitting in, but then it looked like she wasn’t.  How do you not get along with William and Kate?  They are clearly the most fun and relatable people in that whole family.

The press were relentless in their observations of Harry and Meghan.  Meghan was an American divorcee who doesn’t get along with the majority of her family members.  In London, she was driving her staff away.  Easy prey.

While I do believe some of it was racially motivated, I also believe some of the members of the press saw in her what I saw in her and they were just calling it out.  She’s totally fake.

While I do believe in her heart she wants to change the world, I also believe she loves publicity and really nice clothes.  Being with Harry is next level times 10.  And she plays the part well.  The way she looks at him, touches him, speaks about him.  It all seems so forced to me.  A well-rehearsed actress acting.  Every movement, calculated.

They dated for a while, they got married, and it was a big deal {yes I got up at whatever crazy hour in the morning to watch it.}  They moved out of Kensington Palace, distancing themselves from William and Kate. The first sign of trouble.

Ok, they want to do their own thing.  But they’re the Fab 4 and that house is huge. It’s a palace!  They would definitely have their own space.

Harry and Meghan or H & M

Harry and Meghan got to work.  Using their high-profile coupledom supporting great causes such as saving the environment, women’s rights and poverty in Africa.  But behind the scenes, Meghan was working a different angle.  She wanted all of this, but she also wanted her life back.  She wanted to continue her acting career, although now with her new high-profile persona, she would be next level times 10.  Not the D-list, the A-list.

Then Meghan got pregnant!  It was a wonderful thing and something joyful for her because she didn’t seem to be enjoying Royal life so much behind the scenes.  The pregnancy was announced two days after Princess Eugenie’s wedding.  Eugenie had already gone out of her way for H & M, switching her wedding date and waiting an extra year so they could be married first.

Ugh.  Give Eugenie at least 2 business days of news coverage before dropping a bomb like that.  Her wedding news was quickly overshadowed by their baby news.

In the recent documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, a couple of things stood out to me. Harry is really pissed at William right now.  Really pissed.  We don’t know the reason, but I hope they resolve it soon.  Given the fact that Meghan doesn’t get along with her family and now Harry isn’t getting along with his – not good!

Meghan complained she didn’t know what she was getting into by marrying Harry {in regards to the media scrutiny}, yet her British friends warned her what it was going to be like.  Also, his mother was killed because of the paparazzi and a string of Harry’s girlfriends, some of them not as smart as Meghan, never married him because they knew what it meant.

I’m sorry, I don’t buy it. She knew exactly what she was getting into.

She complained that no one had asked her how she was doing as a new mother.  I’m calling BS on that one as well.  Any new mother will tell you how isolating and lonely motherhood is.  But we’re commoners and she’s an effing Duchess.  In the British Royal Family.  People were checking in on her and if they weren’t maybe she needs to ask herself why.  Also, if they had stayed at Kensington Palace, she would’ve had the benefit and wisdom of living close to a mother of three.  Just saying…

I think Meghan was faced with the fact that the world no longer revolved around her.  Also a revelation we all faced in new motherhood.

The Big Exit aka Megxit

Fast forward to today. Harry and Meghan want out.  But they still want in.  They don’t want to be a part of the traditional royal family, but they want to pave their own path.  They still want the money and the notoriety.  But they have the Queen to deal with, something Meghan’s not used to.  The Queen gave them a new plan.  Megs had unrealistic expectations and she made her husband believe them, too.

They moved to Canada, but they’re looking for houses in L.A. as well.  Meghan quickly found an agent again.  And Harry took a speaking engagement at a wealth conference in Miami, a move dubbed as Rent-a-Royal.  It looked in very poor taste, and not along the lines of saving the world.

Recently, there was the controversy of them using the word “Royal” in their branding, Sussex Royal.  Why a controversy?  You don’t want to be a part of what makes you a royal such as living in England and being a working member of the Royal Family.

But they know the value of the word when it comes to their income, I mean, they kept the crown in their logo.  A logo which took me a while to figure out it was a combination of both of their initials, H & M {it really looks like a fancy M wearing a crown to me.}

Next, they released a statement with their exit plan, which no one asked for.  The statement was way too long and it contained a few passive aggressive jabs at the Royal Family.  Particularly the Queen over her not “owning” the word royal.  But they were letting us know they had agreed to follow her wishes.  Insert eye roll and get over yourselves.

Make no mistake, I’m all for it.  Go!  Be brave.  Pave your own path.  Live a quiet life if that’s truly what you want.  But given the constant news cycle surrounding the Megxit, much of it perpetuated by Harry and Meghan themselves, I have a hard time believing that’s what they want.

We’ll see how it all plays out.  But, the rift this is creating between Harry and his family isn’t good no matter how you slice it.


*If you want to follow along on all things Harry and Meghan on Instagram, for snark check out Gary Janetti, and for diplomacy, Elizabeth Holmes.

**If you want to know more of what it’s like to be in the Royal Family you should watch The Crown on Netflix.  Fictional, yes, but super accurate.  Or check out one of these documentaries and docu-series:

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  1. Pati says

    Well said. This is exactly how I feel about it. You can’t straddle the fence. And Prince Charles is still going to support them monetarily. Let them do like every other 30 something couple does -support yourselves.

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