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In another chapter of my drink, pray, love journey, we learn about reiki.  I didn’t know what it was, either, and it’s pronounced Ray-kee.  When my friend Amy, said she was starting a Lifecoaching/Reiki business, ISpeakHuman2, I had to Google it.  Turns out, it was just what I needed as part of my evolution.

I knew what a lifecoach was, and I needed one for a project I’m working on, to keep me on task and help guide me along.  It’s nice to have someone to hold me accountable.  She’s helping me set goals, and I’m meeting them because I don’t want to disappoint her.  I mean, myself.  One of the first things we discussed was the people pleasing and getting rid of it.

We also talked about my empathy, and standing up for myself in constructive ways.  Like, sometimes you have to be empathetic from afar because unless someone is ready to receive your empathy is will come back to hurt you.

Also, I tend to agree to things that I don’t want to do because I feel bad when I don’t agree to them.  That’s all going out the window as well.  No more “I feel bad…”

Drink Pray Love Reiki

She also reads Angel Tarot Cards, and since Tarot Cards are my new favorite thing, I was all for it.  Angel Tarot Cards are not as intimidating as the other ones.  She pulled three cards, the first represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third represents the future.

The Past

Six of Fire.  This card means good news is on its way.  There will be public recognition and awards.  Before we did the cards, as part of our conversation I told her I missed the person I was in college because I was going to set the world on fire.  Those were my exact words.  Six of Fire would be a good card for this, and I guess the award was my diploma.

The Present

Four of Earth.  I can’t be too frivolous or too cautious with money, I need to be more charitable and make good business decisions.  This card was also fitting to our conversation because I’m either saving, saving, saving, or buying expensive shoes I don’t need, for a life I don’t have.  But I do need them, for the life I imagine.  Right?  Isn’t that how this manifestation thing works?

I feel like I’m fairly charitable, but maybe instead of shoes, I’ll make a donation to a good cause.  And since we also talked about me needing to run my business/career differently, that made perfect sense, too.

The Future

The Empress.  Lavish abundance, give birth to your dreams and nurture yourself and others.  Well, that one couldn’t be more perfect.  Shoes are lavish and abundant.  My secret project is giving birth to my dreams and I’m learning to nurture myself.  I’m so looking forward to the future.


Next was the reiki.  Reiki is by definition “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”  This shit is for real.

I laid on my back on a table with a heating pad, covered with warm blankets.  I could probably stay there all day it was so comfy.

She asked what I thought my blockages were – career and love.  Duh.  Still the same.  We started with a meditation and then she touched my feet and it went from there.  I’m not really sure all the things she was doing because I was meditating, and in my mind I was in a beach house in Malibu, in a walk-in closet {how appropriate.}

She touched my arms, shoulders, legs and feet.  When she was at my shoulders, I immediately got a slight headache.  It was weird and proved to me that it was working.

When she was done, she gave me the low down.  I hold a lot of energy in my hands {I have heard this before because apparently, my hands and wrists carry a lot of energy which drain watch batteries.}  I also carry a lot of energy in my shoulders.  This I also knew because it’s where I hold all my stress.

When she was at my feet, she saw a dove.  A dove represents transition.  It is a time of prophecy and clear vision, and a glimpse into the future.  It means I’m experiencing a spiritual renewal that is the result of a period of intense self-examination and challenges.  Spooky accurate.

When she was at my shoulders, she saw a monkey.  Monkey is about accepting things as they are.  It represents being flexible on this new path as new information comes my way; being open to new ways of thinking; and being clear and congruent in my communication.

FYI, she doesn’t always see animals during reiki, but she has seen them in each of our sessions, so I’m like Dr. Doolittle.  When I told her about my headache, she asked if I still had it?  I did, but it was very mild.  By the time, I got home, shit was getting real.

I got some weird light things in my eyes.  I’ve had migraines and this was different.  These were white and royal blue sticks, like light sabers, as opposed to the white flashes I get with a migraine.  Then the headache started.  A bitch of a headache that lasted over three days.  All my normal tricks were not working; eye mask {did help with the light sabers}, twice the recommended dosage of Advil, and covers over my head proved to be child’s play for this headache.

I took it as part of the process.  My energy is shifting, bad stuff is leaving, making way for good stuff.  I dealt with it.  I was being flexible and accepting the headache as a necessary evil to get past this spot.  I loved the reiki and I have been a few more times.

We’ll talk more about the different animals she saw in subsequent sessions, and how my chakra’s need a little help.  They’re blocked.  Blocked chakra’s are no good.  But, the good news is I’m working on it.  Yay me!  Time for a drink…

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