How to be Glamorous {With Kids}

I love Rachel Zoe.  I idolize her style {we both love Halston} and commend her for turning a love of fashion into what is now a mini empire.  I think she’s an awesome mommy and she truly loves her children.  So, how does she do it all?  That is the cutting edge question Lara Spencer put to Rachel Tuesday at her “Good Morning America” appearance {Rachel was out promoting her new book “Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour”}


In addition to writing a book, Zoe is the owner of several fashion and media companies, and she “designs” clothes {I think we all know her people bring her samples and she decides what should bear her name.}  That book she wrote, well if I had to take an educated guess, I’d say the real person who wrote the book submitted pages to her each night for approval.  She still styles clients, but she’s only making time for the A-listers and probably only for things like the Oscars®.   She goes to fashion shows to spot the latest trends and hand out air kisses like candy.  And she has a lot of famous friends who she lunches, dinners and parties with.

On top of all of those work commitments, she is mother to three-year-old Skyler and three month-old Kaius, and a devoted wife to Rodger, who by the way is CEO of all Rachel’s companies.  He too is a busy guy.  They typically work hand in hand.  They are almost always together.  And it works.  It works very well.  They are both super successful people with super cute kids.

So, of course we want to know how she/they do it?  It’s called having a nanny.  Not the kind of nanny a working mom would hire for a couple of years to watch her kids until they are old enough to go to pre-school.  I’m talking the type of nanny who is with you 24/7.  The type of nanny who will change a diaper in the middle of the night after you come home from a busy working day and then a fabulous night out, because you are too tired.  The type of nanny who will wake up early with the babies on those days when you just need some extra sleep.

Think of how awesome it would be to have a nanny around all the time so that when your schedule changes on a whim and you have to work late, you aren’t scrambling trying to find extra child care or someone to pick up your kids from school/babysitter/day care.  Think of how awesome it would be if one night you and your hubby decided spur of the moment you wanted a date night and you didn’t have to call three babysitters to find out if they were available on short notice on a school night to watch your kids.  It would be nothing short of awesome.

Rachel and Rodger love to take their kids with them everywhere they go, but I guarantee if baby Kaius has an explosive diaper which requires not only a diaper change, but a bath and an outfit change, and then a trip to the laundry room to try to clean, stain block and disinfect said outfit, it’s certainly not Rachel and Rodger who are handling that shit {pun intended.}

Some famous families even have multiple nannies.  At one point, and maybe they still but do but I stopped paying attention, the Jolie-Pitt clan had seven nannies to their six kids.  So, we shouldn’t be asking Rachel Zoe, or any other celebrity, how she does it all, because that’s easy.  She’s rich, she hires help.  On top of the nanny, you know there’s a housekeeper as well.  And Rachel has an assistant.  She has a driver.  She has a hair and make-up person.  She has help coming out of her fabulously ringed ears.

If we want to know how they do it all, let’s ask the single working moms and the moms who live in different states from the rest of their families.  Let’s ask the moms who have husbands who travel or work excessively.  Let’s ask the moms who work from home while taking care of their small children, or the moms who have to travel a lot themselves for work.  Let’s ask those moms how they do it all.

Let’s ask Rachel Zoe if she’s ever been puked on {like I was, you can read about it here,} if she’s ever used Pinterest while frantically trying to come up with something for dinner, or if one of her kids has exploded on an outfit in public, giving her no other choice but to throw the outfit away and purchase a new one from Baby Gap?  By the way, her kids aren’t wearing clothes from Baby Gap, we’re talking Gucci, Versace, Burberry, which makes explosive diapers even more of a travesty.  I’m not saying her life is still not exhausting and she doesn’t work hard, she absolutely does.  But I am saying maybe we need to stop asking the rich and famous how they do it all and ask ourselves why we care so much about how the rich and famous do it all?

My hat goes off to all moms, working or not, nannies or not!  We’re all in this together!  Yes, that’s a High School Musical reference.  Now if only Zac Efron would come clean my kitchen.  And maybe Rachel Zoe can write a book about how to live in style when your kid pukes on your maxi skirt and vintage wedges.

**I wrote this yesterday, and then today saw that Zac Efron was in a smallish scuffle on Skid Row the other night.  Recovering addicts don’t just hang out near Skid Row after midnight.  Zac, the offer to clean my kitchen has been rescinded.  I’ll do it myself.  Thanks anyway.

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