Saturday Night Live Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for a fun Halloween costume, look no further than NBC on a Saturday night. Saturday Night Live’s character selection is just about endless and there is so much inspiration! We recently threw a Saturday Night Live party and the costumes were hilarious!

SNL Costume Ideas

Here are some great ideas for Saturday Night Live Halloween costumes:

Target Lady

Target Lady

Head to Goodwill and pick up a Hawaiian shirt, a red vest and a pair of khakis, then throw on a pair of Toms or tennis shoes and you’re ready to go! Print off a Target logo online and make yourself a nametag. If you have trouble finding a wig, use rollers and bobby pins to get your hair into the Target Lady’s signature wedge haircut. Then annoy all your friends by saying “It’s a match!” and “Where did you get those?” all night long! It’s legit!


Bring it on down to Amazon and order yourself a beer bottle costume {they no longer have the brown beer bottle, just the green one.}  Grab a boom box and you’re ready to rap.

Two A-holes

For him: Any kind of polo shirt {pop the collar of course}, button down, and a sweater or blazer work well. A pair of jeans, a pair of loafers and a pack of gum.  Babe, babe, babe, you look amazing.

For her: Jeans, a t-shirt and a blazer with a statement necklace and a pair of hoop earrings will do the trick. Put a pair of sunglasses on your head and carry a handbag on your elbow. Now you can ignore your friends and look at your phone all night long. Take a drink anytime either of you says “Babe.”


The hottest costume this year is none other than yours truly. It’s got everything – a pair of bling jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt with a short sleeve t-shirt over it, and a few man rings on your hands. Break out the hair gel, part your hair on the side and comb it over to create long bangs, then walk around the party covering your mouth and nose with your hands.  Spicy!

Sally O’Malley

She’s 50, 5 – 0. For this one, make sure you have some comfy, high waisted {and high watered} red pants. A red, short sleeved blouse, a white belt, a pair of old school white Keds, white socks, and Sally’s signature leopard print bag. Find a rock star wig at your local party supply store and take a curling iron to it for Sally’s bouffant then kick and stretch your way to a good time!

The Spartan Cheerleaders

Who’s that Spartan in my tee pee uh-huh un-huh?  Pick up a Spartans uniform at any of these online outlets:


Party City

Matt Foley

Show up in a pair of tan dress pants, a plaid blazer, white button down and a green tie and you’ll prove that you live in a van down by the river. Hair gel and a pair of oversized glasses will have you motivating party guests all night long.

Samurai Delicatessen

A samurai suit, a fake sword and a man bun are all you need for this one. Talk in a mumbled tone so no one understands you.

Da Bears

A Chicago Bears t-shirt, a Chicago Bears baseball cap, a pair of sunglasses and a mustache will do the trick here.  Plus, you get to drink all the beer you want with this costume. Da bears!

I hope this helps gets you in the Halloween spirit!  There are so many more you can choose from {Mary Katherine Gallagher, Hans and Franz, The Culps, Brian Fellow, The Blues Brothers, Debbie Downer, Linda Richman, Baby hands, The Church Lady, Wayne’s World…}

Also, I got this really cool hostess gift from the Spartan Cheerleaders!  You can get similar items at Cafe Express.

SNL Party

I’m really excited about my costume this year {it’s not Saturday Night Live related} but it’s a secret, so I’ll have to share it next year.  Happy Halloween!




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