Our Finest Hour

I’m trying to write this in a positive way, but quite frankly, I’m sad.  I’m sad that I bought a respectable amount of toilet paper two weeks ago, thinking that the people who were hoarding it would have enough by the time I needed more, and I wouldn’t need to worry.  I was wrong.

There are two ways to look at our Coronavirus situation, and the one you choose will determine your thoughts and your actions and your role in society.  The first way is to panic, buy all the paper products, ground beef and Clorox wipes you can find, hoard them in your home, create a bump in the supply chain, which causes stress for others.  But hey, you have 10 times more than you need so who cares?  This is being an asshole.

Our Finest Hour

The second way is to look at this as a reset, buy what you need so your family can survive the next couple weeks at home, keeping the supply chain in check because this is a normal buying pattern, and it won’t cause stress for others because there is plenty to go around for all of us.  This is being thoughtful and kind.

We’ve had resets before, September 11th being one.  Americans showed up for that one.  Flags were flying, people slowed down, they were kind and respectful to each other.  This lasted for a while until eventually complacency led to comfort which lead to many slipping back into patterns of behavior that were ingrained within them.

Almost 20 years later, the country and the world are in a state.  Prior to the virus making its entrance, we were divided, angry and hostile.  Not able to listen to a different point of view, more concerned about selfies and social media likes than long conversations and human interaction.  Always too busy.

Now that the virus is here, we are not fighting a virus, we are fighting ourselves.  As most of us have chosen to stay home and go out only if necessary {in search of toilet paper}, I implore you to take this as a message from the Universe, or God, or the Spirit, or whatever you choose to call the higher power.  Take stock of your life and fix what’s broken.

If you don’t believe in a higher power, start there.  Do some research, listen to some podcasts, study the law of attraction, or take up meditation.  You’ll find, you’re not as significant as you think you are.  A grain of pepper compared to the rest of the Universe. You’re also not as in control of your life as you thought you were, either.  Don’t let anxiety get the best of you.  Use this time as a lesson in letting go, being present and figuring out what you really want.

Slow down.  Spend time with your family.  I say this as I’ve shipped my daughter off to be with her dad. She doesn’t usually get to spend long periods of time with him and this was an opportunity for them to have some quality time as well.

Look at what’s happening around the world because of this forced break.  The water in the canals of Venice is clean, and swans and dolphins have appeared.  The air in China is actually clear.  The environment is also getting a much needed break.  Think about your individual impact on the environment and how you want to change it going forward.

We’ll get through this, we always do.  Just look at the science and what’s happening in China to see where the U.S. will be sooner than later.   I worry about the economy like everyone else, but it will be back.  Just like panic buying toilet paper is one of the worst things you can do, according to Suze Orman, panic selling your stocks is also not wise.  Just hold tight.

I’m a freelancer and I work for myself.  It’s a horrible place to be right now.  I don’t get unemployment, but I prepare for downturns or lack of work, so I’m good for a little while.  In taking stock of my life, this has solidified my want to return to work full time. If not for stability, than for the fact that what everyone is calling quarantine, has been my actual life for the last seven years.  It’s isolating and lonely and I want to be part of a team.  For now, the Universe has other plans for all of us, and mine might include working at the local Target stocking toilet paper here soon…

Catch up on movies or TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch.  I started binge watching Schitt’s Creek prior to the world losing its mind, and it couldn’t be more relevant. You should watch it if you need a laugh.  It’s about a family that had it all, loses it all and still manages to not only survive, but thrive in their new situation by taking a step back and figuring out what really matters.

Kind of like the Italians who have no doubt been hit hard by this.  Yet, they still show up singing and dancing from their balconies in forced quarantine.  In America, some people are putting up their Christmas lights.  I’m here for it.

Do what you can.  Listen to the CDC guidelines.  And take the time to slow down and reflect on the life you want. This is our finest hour.  How do you want to be remembered?  Hopefully not for the number of rolls of toilet paper you have in your basement.

Be the light.

P.S. – If you’re anxious read this Business Insider article for ways to curb your anxiety right now.  And buckle up.  It’s supposed to get worse before it gets better.  But remember, this too shall pass.




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