I’m Your Venus or Written in the Stars Part Two

Over the summer, my friend Autumn celebrated her birthday with an astrological reading.  You may remember she is the one who took me for my first reading about a year and a half ago.  She told me it’s better to go as close to your birthday as possible to get the most accurate reading, so she goes every year at that time.

I went along for the ride, and of course purchased some crystals to help me with my life longings of career and love.  I mean honestly, I’ve been asking the Universe and God and anyone else who will listen for these things for five years now, you’d think someone would respond. Since they’re not, buying more crystals it is!

When I went to the cash register, the woman asked if she had done my reading before and then said, “I have, haven’t I?  About a year, year and a half ago?”  She had done it a year and four months before.  This place is magic and I hadn’t even purchased my crystals yet!

I decided I wanted to have my chart read again around my birthday, and our friend Erica {who’s birthday is two weeks before mine} wanted hers read as well.  This time, Autumn came along for the ride and Erica and I had our charts read a few weeks ago.

I cannot tell you how much I love this and how accurate this woman is.  I’m not sure how she does it {*whispers* intuition.}  When we sat down she said to me, “I’ve read your chart before right? And I gave you green beads.”  Yes, and yes.  She immediately told me today she needed to give me pink beads.

I'm you Venus or Written in the Stars Part Two Mala Beads

I told her my concerns were still love and career.  She told me pink beads were Venus, which is love and money.  Ding ding.  She told me she would just tell me what came to her based on the chart, but she couldn’t tell me specific things unless I asked her specific questions about them.

Basically, she can tell you exactly who you will fall in love with, you just need to know the right questions to ask.  You can even give a name or initials.  I did neither, because I really just like to listen.

I did ask if the person is someone I already know.  She said yes.  An old friend will come back to me.  I asked how I will meet up with the person or where will I go to reconnect with the person?  I was told I needed to do it on a spiritual level.  And then she informed me, “he will have a little bit of lower back issues.” Awesome.  He’s already broken.  Not to worry, he is also sensitive, kind and loving.

For my part, I need to express my feelings and communicate better.  This I already know and something I am currently working on and have been working on for five years.  I clearly have more work to do.  But, I have faith that when the time is right, the wall will come down.

As far as career, to be honest she wasn’t much help here.  At least not as much help as I hoped.  She told me to keep doing what I’m doing and to not make impulsive decisions about work right now.  The problem is, I don’t have a lot of work right now.  But I guess this means I shouldn’t act on my impulse to go get a job at Target or become a high class prostitute anytime soon {I was approached by a Sugar Daddy on Instagram and the thought briefly crossed my mind…}

She also said she didn’t see me moving yet, but I could if I wanted to.   And when I do, my house is near a lake, or near water.  These were all good bits of information for me to chew on over the next little while.

More importantly, what I’ve learned to take away from these readings is that they are what they are.  If you believe in it and you trust the person doing the reading, you will probably get something out of it.  I did and do every time.

I always feel reinvigorated after having my fortune told, whether it’s through Tarot cards, Angel cards or an astrological chart reading.  And that’s the point.  It changes your mindset and helps you meet your goals.  It goes hand in hand with your spiritual journey and faith in something bigger than yourself.

If you don’t believe, you won’t get anything out of it, your mindset will stay the same and you’ll lead a miserable life.

Just kidding, but really, the choice is yours.  The power is in you.  You had it all along {I can keep going if you want me to…}

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