Dear Denver Broncos


Broncos Ugly Sweater

Dear Denver Broncos,

I blame myself for Sunday’s debacle.  Can we call it a debacle?  It’s my fault and that dude from the Bud Light commercials.  I got caught up in the hype.  And he probably did, too.  He clearly didn’t stay in the basement, and I didn’t watch the game, in my sweats, by myself.

No, I had to have an effing Super Bowl party.  A Super Bowl party that cost us the Vince Lombardi trophy.  Notice how I said, “us” as if I had anything to do with it?  As if I was out on the field trying to fend off the #1 Defense in the league?  As if I had won 13 games this season?  As if I was part of that #1 offense?

I wasn’t any of those things.  Instead, I was the super fan that I have been since 1986.  Instead, my daughter and I made Broncos photo booth props and we painted our nails orange and blue.   We got caught up in saying “Omaha,” even when it didn’t make sense.  I would say thing like, “Ella it’s bath time.  Omaha! Omaha!”  Ella would say things like, “And then Peyton kept saying Omaha! Omaha!”  I even bought Broncos napkins, and made cupcakes.

I didn’t follow my game day protocol, and neither did you.  Because this was the big game, the World Championship game and there was no home field advantage in this game.  Lesson learned?  I hope so.  Because there’s next year and it’s probably Petyon’s last.  Help him help you get to the Super Bowl again.  I promise I won’t have a party.  I won’t drink “Orange Crushcicles” {I made that name up.  They were delicious.  Whipped cream vodka and Orange Crush soda.  And the higher Seattle’s score,  the more I drank.}  I won’t overuse the word “Omaha” and I won’t lose faith.  But you can’t either.

For those who think the Broncos are an embarrassment, you’re wrong.  They broke so many records this year I can’t even list them all.  But you can check them out at the Mile High Report.   Among them, the Broncos scored 606 points in 2013, breaking the previous record of 589 set by the New England Patriots in 2007.  And Denver’s 76 touchdowns beat the previous record of 75, also held by the 2007 Patriots.

Peyton even broke a record on Sunday.  Did you know that?  Probably not.  He completed 33 passes, breaking the previous record of 32, held by both Tom Brady and Drew Brees.  And the team worked hard enough to make sure not to break the most important record.  No, they didn’t break the record for the biggest upset in Super Bowl history.  That one still belongs to, well, the Broncos {John Elway and the 1989 Broncos own that mess}.

An embarrassment?  I don’t think so.  Omaha was magic and Peyton was Peyton, which equals magic.  The four horsemen and the entire team were magic.  It was an awesome year to be a Broncos fan.   We’ll move on, lessons learned {all of us}, and we’ll come back stronger next year.

Because I bleed orange and blue, and so do you {I cry orange and blue, too, but we won’t talk about that.}

Thank you my beloved Broncos for a magical season.  We will always be United in Orange.

Xoxo Angela

Orange Crushcicle

1 part Whipped Cream Vodka

2 1/2 parts Orange Crush Pop

Serve with ice and a slice of orange.

Orange Crushcicle

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