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Guest post by Staci Hauk {Thank you for your honest and heartfelt post today, Staci!}

About a year ago my ever creative 4 year-old son drew a beautiful stick figure picture of his family. He explained that it was him, Daddy and his sister playing baseball. In the corner was a lady on a chair and I asked him if that was me, his reply was, “Yes you can’t play because you’re sick, so you’re watching us.” After profusely applauding his efforts I retreated to the bathroom for a good cry. That’s because last year was rough. Beyond rough. And that picture brought into focus for me, how my illness was affecting my children.


Out of the blue in 2014 I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Because it was so difficult to diagnose I was very ill for the good part of a year and a half. Between the excruciating pain and debilitating fatigue, plus hours at the doctor being put through rigorous testing – I was a shadow of my former perky, energetic self. And my kids had clearly noticed. It was upsetting to say the least because I am a stay at home mom and my whole life revolves around their happiness and their activities. But I was barely muddling through the basics and playing sports with them or running around all the time was out of the question. I know as moms we all try our best and we can’t be “on” all the time, but for me that was a blow to my confidence and it made me very depressed. I vowed to do what I had to do to get better and fast.

The road to recovery was not an easy one. I found the right doctor, the right medication and the right mix of rest and exercise for me. I changed my diet and slowly but surely the combination started to work. My kids had to learn I needed my down time and that it wasn’t because I was “sick” it was because I wanted to do more with them so relaxation was important. All of us started slowing down on the weekends, enjoying simple things, and it put me at ease to see it wasn’t affecting them so badly.

About a week ago, Garrett was at it again. Now a bigtime kindergartner, his drawings have become more elaborate and detailed. He brought me a beautiful scene and began his description. “Mommy, this is all four of us. We are playing badminton in the back yard like we did last weekend.” I couldn’t help but tear up. I had made it back into the picture. And it helped me paint a mental picture of my own – one where I have a positive and healthy future.

About Staci

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Staci is a Chicago transplant who has lived in Arizona for 11 years. She and her husband Eric, two kids Sawyer and Garrett and dog Angus recently moved to Gilbert and are loving every second! Staci began her writing and advertising career in Las Vegas after graduating from UNLV. She held a position as Copywriter for Mandalay Bay’s advertising agency DRGM, and has since been a writer for an accounting firm, credit union and health food company before becoming a full time mom. Staci loves to bake, entertain, craft, blog, decorate her home and play Room Mom to her daughter’s class.

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