Angela’s Big Adventure – Where I’ve Been

Hi there!  You may have noticed my blog has been silent for a few months.  Ok, more than a few months.  It wasn’t on purpose though.  I’ve been on somewhat of an adventure.  Kind of like Pee Wee, but not that fun.  It all started last August when my web host was purchased by another company.  I loved my web host.  Seriously, if you called, they answered.  They were never condescending or rude, they just fixed what was wrong and then politely told you to have a nice day.  Well, when they were transferring my blog over to the new host’s servers, they broke it.

It was still there, and you could still see it, but I couldn’t post anything new.  It wouldn’t go live.  After going back and forth with them for over a month, where they kept telling me it was fixed and I kept telling them it wasn’t, I gave it a rest for a while.

There was a lot of shit happening in my personal life, which I wrote about for East Valley Moms Blog, A Picture Tells a Thousand Words.  Fixing the blog was not high on my list of things that needed to get done.  In the meantime, I continued writing for East Valley Moms Blog and SheKnows.

Angela's Big Adventure - Where I've Been
Photo Credit : The Sentimental Mama

When you’ve been in a relationship for 17 years and suddenly you’re not, you quickly realize you lost yourself somewhere along the way.  I spent several months alone, pulling myself away from almost everyone, so I could work on myself and not be influenced by the outside “chatter.”  I’ve been focusing on me, and my daughter, and those closest to me.  I’ve been rediscovering my favorite things, and pin pointing what’s important to me.

In the meantime, since my blog was sitting there all broken, it was an easy target and the Russians hacked it in November.  I really wish I was joking, but I’m not.  “The Russians” very kindly sent me an e-mail that said, “Your blog has been hacked.”  Ha ha silly Russians!  That was until I tried logging into my blog and I no longer had access.  Luckily, they didn’t do too much damage, but as you can see from above, my new web host was in no hurry to help me out.

After several months, I have now regained access to my blog, and what was originally broken is now fixed.  My new web host and I are friends again, for the time being, and I have a laundry list of post ideas, so I hope you’re ready!  While my adventure didn’t involve a bicycle, it has been necessary to bring me where I am today.   And if anyone asks, tell ‘em Large Marge sent ya;)

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