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Guest Blog today by Terri Takata-Smith

Terri Preface:  This blog post is over two months in the making.   Thank you, Angela for giving me the opportunity to blog and for being so understanding.   What this taught me is that it’s hard to be as witty as you and I’m definitely no Carrie Bradshaw!

 Angela Preface:  Terri and I used to work together in Denver doing film publicity and promotions.  We had an amazing team there, except for one.  It’s awesome the bond created in a work environment where one person can cause such havoc.  The rest of us stuck together like glue.  My blog has been on hiatus last week while I traveled to Denver to visit friends and family.  The former publicists got together for lunch and as we tried to take a group photo (with no one there to be the photographer), we came up with this gem.  We are the real life version of “The Hills.”   10 years from now.  Enjoy Terri’s guest blog today! 

The Best Picture Ever

For the past three weeks, the family DVR has been maxed out.   Half of the recorded programming is my 5 & 7 year olds’ Ben 10 Alien Force episodes (what ever happened to the Justice League – “Super Twin powers ACTIVATE”?), the other half…well, it was full of MTV “retro” programming.   Yep, Seasons 1 & 2 of “Laguna   Beach: The Real OC” and The Hills.   And, I’ve spent every moment of my free time (except when my husband walks into the room because he thinks I’m crazy for watching – again) catching up with LC and the gang.

Laguna Beach

Today (OK, in reality, a week or so ago) I finished the FINAL episode of The Hills where Brody tells Kristin not to leave (right as my eyes teared up – I think I had an eye lash in them) and as she drives away the perfectly centered ‘Hollywood’ sign in the background rolls away to reveal Brody is standing on a studio lot – implying that the episode was staged.   Don’t even think it.

Both my boys are familiar with my “reality BFFs”.   Don’t judge.  I’ve managed to incorporate life lessons through many of the characters…ummm, I mean real life humans from the series:

LC: Have goals + work hard + don’t be afraid to fail = achieve the goals.  (Nice people always finish first.)

Trey:  You’re never too young to change the world.  Find your passion and inspire others.  (It’s cool to be smart. Dress well and learn to skateboard.)

Brody & Stephen:  Be adorable.  (Learn to surf. Date actresses and rock stars – your 15 minutes lasts longer.)

Prince of Malibu

Kristen:  Valley Girl is not a dialect.  (Don’t date girls who have Valley Girl dialect.)

Tallen:  When you ask a girl to prom, go big or go home.   (See Brody & Stephen – Nicole Scherzinger?  Really?   She’s old enough to be your big sister – I think I’m younger than her.)

Stephanie & Jessica:  Don’t drink and drive.  (Stay away from drugs too.)

Audrina: Girls like bad boys.  (Girls hate pompous a-holes.  Don’t be one.)

Jason and Justin Bobby: Girls like bad boys.  (Girls hate pompous a-holes.  See above.)

Spencer & Heidi:  Don’t be like them in any way.  Ever.  (Don’t be like them in any way.  Ever.)

See!   Educational programming!  Who’s with me?   Well, whatever my excuse, the truth is their “reality” is my “escape”.   I am sure that LC and I would be BFFs.  I am sure that I would have a crush on Brody (pre-Arvil – actually, pre-Jade).  I know that Kelly Cutrone would have me in tears but also teach me a lot about work (and life).  I think Stephanie and I wouldn’t like each other at first but would eventually become friends.  I’m positive that Kristin and I would be frienemies.

Alas all good things come to an end (translation:  I miss being 20something, living in LA and the drama of youth).   But, only for 23 minutes at a time (what did we ever do before the DVR?).   In truth, their reality takes too much maintenance!

Thank you MTV for going retro (and for never playing music videos which would really suck)!   It’s been fun!  Now it’s time for me to get back to reality and find out what the Real Housewives are up to.  And, don’t worry…my boys only know the names of the OC housewives – season one.  It would be bad judgment on my part to let them watch those NJ women!

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