I just watched the movie “Prom.”  I’m a sucker for boy bands and pop music, teenage vampire novels written by Stephanie Meyer, and movies a fourteen year-old girl would love.  I’m a teenager at heart, which is why I’m having so much trouble with this 40 thing.  Not that I mind being 40, I don’t, but when I look in the mirror, I have a hard time reconciling in my mind what my 40-year-old face looks like vs. what I feel like on the inside.  If you’re wondering what a 40-year-old face looks like, it’s dull, blotchy and starting to sag.  I think I see a laser in my future.

“Prom” was right up my alley and of course, I really liked it.  It was predictable and not super exciting, but it was a good, wholesome movie.  No cussing, no teenage sex and no inappropriate prom dresses.

My first thought was that not too much has changed since I went to high school.  High schoolers still place a lot of emphasis on prom.  Having a date is of utmost importance, and the build-up to the prom is always greater than the actual prom.  One thing I found unusual, was that these girls didn’t really focus on was what to wear to the big dance.  They all seemed to have dresses on hand even if they were asked days before the prom.  Hollywood magic, I guess.

I’ve already talked about my prom dress in my previous post on Oscar’s Best Dress Ladies of All Time, but in case you missed it, I designed my prom dress myself.  It was mainly black with an iridescent hot pink and orange underskirt, and a bow at the waist.  This dress was the dress version of a mullet, all business in the front and a party in the back.  I loved my dress and I still think it’s pretty awesome.  My nieces played dress up in my dress while they were growing up, laughing hysterically when they found out that I not only actually wore it, but designed it.

Me and Mel, Prom 1990

Dates were very important in “Prom,” as they are in real life, and most of the askers got very creative in their asking.  There were creative notes in lockers, giant letters on the school stage, sidewalk chalk and notes with rocks.  In 1990 my date was my best friend Melanie.  We weren’t about to let the fact that none of the, ahem, losers we went to high school with would ask us to the prom, so we decided to go on our own.  We ended up going with several other girls who also decided going dateless was a better option than missing out on the splendor that was the senior prom.  And let’s be honest, I just really wanted to wear a prom dress.

The main character in the film, Nova (Aimee Teegarden (seriously, that’s her name.  I wish I had a name like that)), also goes to her prom alone.  She spent months planning the prom for her class, so when her “dream” date cancels at the last-minute, Nova decides to go it alone.  Only, does she really go alone?  No, Nova doesn’t stay at the dance alone for long.

Her new crush, the school bad boy and Emile Hirsch look-alike, Jesse (Thomas McDonell (seriously that’s his name, too.  Just kidding, but really it is his name)), shows up tuxedo and all to give Nova the prom of her dreams.  He’s hot.  And in real life he’s 26, so I’m allowed to say that.  Jesse’s mom is played by former “Beverly Hills 90210” alum Christine Elise (aka Emily Valentine who almost ruined Brandon Walsh’s life.  Not sure what he saw in her.  Anyway.)  You know what that means?  If I were cast in this movie, it would be to play someone’s mom.

I like “Prom” and I would give it a 3 popsicle rating out of 5 popsicles.

The reality is prom is a big event in the life of a teenager.  It’s a night to celebrate the end of an era and have fun before college, and then real life happens and there are no more fancy dances.  So, it doesn’t matter if you have a date or not.  I’m glad I had the guts to not worry about it, and I hope my daughter has inherited the same confidence that made me not care if there was some guy attached to my arm in my prom pictures.  Melanie and I had a blast, and I for one, wouldn’t change that experience for anything.

What’s your prom story?

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