“Magic Mike” Pulls A Rabbit Out of His Pants

I finally dragged myself to the theatre last night to see “Magic Mike.”  I’m not typically one who enjoys male strippers, they tend to be tacky and, um a little slimy, but a male stripper movie with Matthew McConaughey (who just tweeted today that he and wife Camila McConaughey are expecting their third child) and Channing Tatum?  Okay twist my arm.  Bare butts aside, it was actually a good movie.

Mike (Tatum) is a good guy trying to save money so he can give up stripping and work full-time at one of his many business ventures.  To make extra money, he totes an umbrella, loses his raincoat and shakes his man parts to “It’s Raining Men.”  Hallelujah.  Mike meets a down-on-his-luck young twenty-something named Adam (Alex Pettyfer) and decides to help him out.  You guessed it.  He introduces Adam to boss Dallas (McConaughey) who reluctantly gives him a job backstage.

Magic Mike
Photo: Warner Bros.

Adam doesn’t stay backstage for long.  Soon, he too is showing the ladies what he’s got – saggy boxers and a toned booty.  Mike’s magic has rubbed off on him and in no time Adam has his own act in the show.  He gets into trouble and Mike bails him out, all while falling for Adam’s sister, Brooke (Cody Horn).  It’s obvious someone cashed in a favor, as Horn’s father is the former COO of Warner Bros. (“Magic Mike” is a WB film) and current Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Alan Horn.  She’s definitely not good enough for the size of the role, and honestly, she would have been better suited for a smaller part, if any.  I have a hard time believing with all the talent laying lifeless in Hollywood, that Horn was the best person for this sizeable, coveted (she does lock lips with Channing Tatum) role.

Dead weight aside, McConaughey however, was perfectly cast as club manager Dallas, although they pulled a lot of tricks out of Matthew’s hat that they didn’t need too.  Alright, alright, alright was heard several times and there may have been some naked or half-naked bongo playing.  It’s a little sad to me that he’s starting to look slightly aged.  We’re the same age and (sigh) that means I must be aging, too.

It’s a good flick, definitely worth a martini and a mommy’s night out.  My friend and I went to dinner and drinks beforehand, and when we asked the waiter for our check because we had a movie to catch, his response was, “Let me guess what you’re going to see?”  Come one, we’re moms, we don’t get out much.

If you’re looking for a night out to see a chick flick that’s funny, has heart and pushes the envelope of vulgarity without crossing the line, then “Magic Mike” is for you.  I would give “Magic Mike” four popsicle sticks out of five.

The reality is we should not judge a book by its cover.  “Magic Mike” may look like one thing, but when you get down to the nuts and bolts, you learn that it is something else entirely.

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