Madonna: She’s Sexy and She Knows It

If you know me, you know that I have been obsessed with Madonna since I was 13-years-old.  I wish I could tell you I loved her from the first moment I heard “Borderline.”  Or that the video, with Madonna cheating on and then trying to win back Jellybean Benetiz, was inspiring to me.  Instead, I hated the song, and I thought the video was dumb.  But, I thought she was amazing.  Something about her graffiti print skirt, orange pumps and fluorescent green socks had me enthralled.  She’s sexy and she knows it.

Her next single, “Lucky Star” was a much better song and the video was so simple, I was hooked.  I started dressing like (a more conservative version of) her, and down came the Duran Duran and Michael Jackson posters and up went the Madonna posters.  To my parents chagrin, I was a true Madonna Wanna-Be.   Luckily for them, I had two idols – Princess Diana and Madonna.  So, I was a morally balanced teen and never truly went over to the “dark side.”

I was Madonna for Halloween every year from 1986 – 1992.  Since Like a Virgin, I have purchased every Madonna cassette tape, CD or MP3 album on the day it was released, including the “Dick Tracy” soundtrack (should I admit that?)  Over the years I have amassed quite a collection of really useless Madonna memorabilia.   Most of it was housed in my mother’s basement for the past 20 years, until she recently asked me to kindly go through it and edit appropriately.

I ended up throwing out countless People magazines and newspaper articles.  I did unearth a Madonna t-shirt which was a wardrobe staple of mine in eighth-grade.  It is now a pajama top.  One of my “favorite” items in my collection are my Madonna nesting dolls.  These were purchased in either 2003 or 2004 when I heard on the radio that Madonna was releasing only five thousand of these lovely collector’s items.  I had to have them, because surely all five thousand would be sold out within hours.  Lucky for me, I ended up with number 1,851, and they have been kept in their original packaging in a box in my hall closet ever since.  You have to be a true fan to own these:

Madonna She's Sexy and She Knows it

Her Sex book?  I have two.  One in the original mylar packaging and another without.  My dear friend Ashley was kind enough to give me her book, when in 1994, she decided she no longer had a need for a box full of Madonna memorabilia stashed in a closet.   In 2012, I’m getting there, but I’m still hanging on.  Much like I feel the Madonna of late is still hanging on to a version of her younger self.  My love affair with Madonna started to wane when Hard Candy was released.

I think it’s cool that she is collaborating with artists such as Pharrell Williams and now Nikki Minaj.  I don’t think it’s cool that a 53-year-old woman is releasing songs titled “Candy Shop,” or her current “Give Me All Your Luvin,’” which includes a misspelled word and has a video of Madonna with pom- pons.  Really?  Not only are the titles lame, but so are the lyrics.  While I seem to be growing up, Madonna seems to be regressing.

That brings me to today’s historic Superbowl Halftime Show.  She was truly amazing!  She was her old self, the old self I adore.   Ambitious (she only had seven minutes to put on her show), creative and donning an age appropriate outfit.  Her collaborations with LMFAO and Cee Lo Green were just plain cool.  She’s sexy and she knows it.  And she works out.

Her body was amazing and although she was a little wobbly in her stilettos, I give her all the credit in the world.  And I am upset with myself that I ever doubted her.  She is Madonna for a reason.  And my love affair with her is back, at least until Tuesday, when her album is released.  Because if the rest of it is anything like “Give Me All Your Luvin,’” I might have a problem.

My advice is to never underestimate Madonna.  She will kill it every time.

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  1. EMitch says

    I looooved seeing her the Forum a few years back… Confessions On A Dancefloor is still one of my faves. I could have done without Nikki (just in general) but Madge was great. She’s a star for a reason!


  1. […] It’s hard to believe at the time of her engagement Diana was only ten years older than I was.  She seemed so mature to me.  My grandma, who lived in Scotland, used to send me magazine clippings featuring Lady Diana.  I still have most of them, along with all kinds of memorabilia from that time, collecting dust in my mom’s basement, right next to my Disney figurines and my Madonna “collectibles.” […]

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