Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones – Happy Anniversary, Love Target

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones Happy Anniversary

Anniversaries aren’t always romantic, especially when you become a parent.  My husband and I recently celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.  Like many couples, we thought it would be a good tradition to celebrate our anniversary with a vacation or at the least, a weekend away every year.  We celebrated our first anniversary in New York City.  We had lived there for two years at the beginning of our relationship, so it was sentimental and the best choice for a first anniversary for us.

When we started dating we were living on opposite ends of the country, but we were working on a marketing tour together, traveling the United States.  Eventually, the job ended and we came to a point where we needed to make a decision about our relationship, and picking up and moving to New York City, even though neither of us had ever been there, seemed like a good plan.  The fact that we had only known each other for seven months didn’t seem to be a concern.  We were dumb.  And in love.

Almost immediately, we realized that picking up and moving to an unknown city with someone you just met was as smart as picking up a hitchhiker in a horror movie.  We joke that we hated each other for a period of time, but really it was true.  Our love had turned to hate.

We persevered, fell in and out of love, and eventually stayed together in New York for two years.  In the end, we decided as amazing as New York was, it wasn’t for us.  So, we moved to Colorado, got engaged, then got married and started planning glorious trips on our anniversaries.  Okay, maybe it didn’t happen like that, but you get the idea.

It worked out perfectly that we would be on the east coast for a friend’s wedding right around our first anniversary.  We had a great week traveling from Pittsburgh, to Shanksville, PA; Amish Country, Philadelphia and New York.  We stayed at the Plaza Hotel, we ate at Tavern on the Green, we shopped, and visited friends.  It was an amazing trip.

Unfortunately, no anniversary has lived up to it since.  For our second anniversary, we went to Disneyland.  While I and many others consider it to be The Happiest Place on Earth, my husband was not so happy.  I mean really, who doesn’t like Disneyland?

For our third anniversary, my husband picked a quiet weekend in the OC.  We stayed at a crappy hotel in Laguna Beach, hung out in the June gloom and ate a fancy dinner.  On our fourth anniversary I was five months pregnant and we had a special dinner at a los Angeles landmark, the Tam O’Shanter.  Walt Disney used to dine there, plus it’s a Scottish hat.  Alright in my book!

The following year, we had a nine-month-old.  We didn’t live near family and didn’t even have a babysitter, so our good friend, who at the time was five months pregnant herself, offered to babysit so we could have a night out.  We went to dinner at another Los Angeles landmark, The Smokehouse.  This is a favorite of George Clooney.

After dinner, we decided to go to, wait for it…Target!  That’s right, Target.  Maybe the same Target George Clooney shops at?  We were new-ish parents and we were too embarrassed to go home after only being gone for two hours.  We needed diapers anyway, so it wasn’t that lame.

The sixth and seventh anniversaries were so uneventful, I seem to have forgotten them.  Last year, we went to Seattle for a combined Mother’s Day/Anniversary trip.  It was a family trip, so we did some kid things, and I dragged my daughter to a Nirvana exhibit at the music museum while my husband did some work.  It was a fun trip, but maybe more Mother’s Day than anniversary.

This year for number nine, well we headed to Legoland.  That’s right, Legoland.  Don’t be jealous.  Actually, I have wanted to take my daughter there for a while {notice I say “I.”  See above and my husband’s disdain for amusement parks.}  It just happened the trip coincided with our anniversary weekend.  We shared the weekend with some friends who also have a daughter, so there was a bit of drama, tears, and sass to go around.  All in all, it was a fabulous weekend in one of our favorite places.  That being said, next year I’m pushing for Hawaii.

The reality is life happens.  Circumstances, schedules and budget don’t always allow for trips for our anniversary.  But, whether it’s celebrated alone or with family in New York, a Los Angeles area Target, or Legoland, we always make the most of it.

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  1. Kelly says

    I can definitely relate. 1st anniversary weekend in Santa Babara, 2nd anniversary weekend in Temecula, 3rd anniversary weekend in Sedona, 4th anniversary LUNCH at Kona Grill (had a one month old and we did what we could 🙂

  2. Step says

    Yay!!! We were the friends wedding near Pittsburgh!!! Woo hoo made it into the blog, so cool! Anyways, happy anniversary, we still talk about your wedding and about how much fun it was, we hope to get back out to colorado some year soon, but are still stuck in target! Love ya!


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