What’s in My Purse

I follow and read some fashion blogs, most of which are written by pretty, young girls who have boyfriends, but no kids.  They have amazing wardrobes and someone to take amazing photos of them posing, and walking down the street in their amazing outfits.  I also read a few mommy/fashion blogs where these mothers seem to have nothing but time to get themselves photo ready in their gorgeous designer outfits for their daily blog photo shoots.

A couple of years ago, I read a post by a new mother with a beautiful blog chronicling her beautiful life. She showed her readers what she carried in her diaper bag.  Not a traditional diaper bag mind you, this was a Valentino purse she used as a diaper bag.  She also had a Gucci one so she could “switch it up.”  When I read the comments, I thought for sure someone was going to call this woman out, or at the least let her know once the bottle turned into a sippy cup, she could guarantee that the Valentino bag would be a breeding ground for goldfish crumbs and juice spills.

Nope. Hundreds of comments praising this woman’s taste, how lucky she was to be able to carry such a diaper bag, and notes of pure adoration at her use of a Valentino purse as a diaper bag.  I felt like a Negative Nellie for thinking badly of her diaper bag choice, so I let it go and moved on.  Until a few weeks ago when I saw another “What’s in my Purse,” this time by a cute, single successful fashion blogger.  What was in her purse, I believe it was Chanel this time, was what you would expect from a cute, single girl living in the city.

So, it inspired me to show you what I have in my purse. I do love my brand names, but as you know, I am a bargain shopper, so all of the larger items were purchased on sale, most likely clearance, or given to me as gifts.  Everything except the crumbs.

  1. An assortment of candies and gum floating around loosely. I believe the Werther’s is from Christmas and it’s hard as a rock.  The Hello Kitty candy is used for bribing my daughter when she’s done bargain shopping but I’m not.
  2. An assortment of hair bows and ties, none of them belong to me.
  3. 3 lip balms {including a Sprite LipSmacker} and one lip gloss covered in “stuff” from floating around the bottom of my bag.
  4. Receipts, coupons, notes from my daughter telling me not to forget things, notes to myself telling me not to forget things, and a drawing from a friend’s daughter.
  5. A wallet, stuffed full of receipts.
  6. 2 pens so I can write myself more notes to me telling myself not to forget things.
  7. House keys, car key, and iphone 4 with outdated software because I don’t have enough space to update it, in a phone case that doesn’t really stay on anymore because I’ve dropped it so many times it’s falling apart.
  8. A checkbook which is only used to write checks for school fundraisers.
  9. A pair of sunglasses and a make-up bag which doesn’t have any make-up in it.
  10. A coin purse without any coins in it.  It holds all the restaurant, store and other coupons I forget to use when we go places.  And then they expire.
  11. A bunch of un-photographable crumbs and other miscellaneous crap floating around.

What's in your purse

Whew, not as bad as I thought! What’s in your purse?

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  1. Gretchen Wakeman says

    This was awesome! I honestly laughed out loud. I stopped reaching all the way to the bottom of my purse for fear of what was going to surface. It’s time to swap so I am forced to clean it out.

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