“The Bachelorette” – Desiree Hartsock Finds Love?

I stopped watching “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” franchise several years ago.  Mainly, I was sick of getting invested in relationships when the contestants didn’t even care.  In fact, the last season I watched was Dr. Travis Stork.  He and his school teacher fiancée didn’t even last two weeks once they were home, and were broken up before the final rose even aired.

But last fall my Bachelor-loving neighbors were talking about meeting once a week and watching the show.  Ummm, drinking wine, hanging out and making fun of people on television?  I’m in!  I watched Sean Lowe fall in love and it wasn’t too painful.  So, I was in for “the Bachelorette” as well.  Desiree (Des) Hartsock, don’t let me down!

I picked Brooks early on.  I could tell Des had a connection with him and he’s super cute, plus he has great hair.  I was shocked when Des told Chris Harrison that she was in love with Brooks four or five weeks ago.  What?  That’s never happened before.  Don’t they edit that stuff out so we the viewer have no idea what’s going on?  Why is ABC being so generous?  Well, it wasn’t generosity, it was manipulation.

When it’s down to the final three, Brooks included, and Brooks decides to pull himself out of the running because he didn’t love her, Des was heartbroken and devastated, as was I.  There were very little options for her.  Brooks could realize his mistake and come back, which is what I thought was going to happen, and damn you Reality Steve for feeding me bunk information and keeping my hopes alive.

If Brooks doesn’t come back, how can she go to the other two guys (Chris and Drew) and tell one of them, “Sorry, Brooks left and I was in love with him, but I guess you’ll do”?  That really only left one option, which was to pick no one.   Given the evidence, including ABC moving the “Men Tell All” episode up a week and having a first ever two-part finale.  If Brooks really left and didn’t come back, well he would’ve been on the “Men Tell All,” right?  Right.

I also noticed there weren’t the normal promos of Des in her beautiful gown standing next to her final rose waiting for whomever.  And ABC wasn’t even promoting the last episode as “The Final Rose.”  So, when Des does show up in her beautiful nude colored gown (which by the way, did anyone else notice the small hole in the tulle above Des’s left boob?) and decides she did have a change of heart, well WTH?  Lucky you Chris you’re moving from the minor leagues to the major leagues in a matter of days.  Damn you ABC for toying with my emotions!

The Bachelorette Desiree Heartsick
Can this hole be mended?

I do think Des loves Chris, definitely not as much as he loves her.  And I actually think this relationship might even make it down the aisle, especially if you look at history.  Ryan wrote cheesy poems for Trista and they’re still going strong ten years later.  Chris has the cheesy poetry down, so he’s in like Flynn.

The reality is the hole in Des’s dress represents the hole left in her heart by Brooks.  Don’t try to tell me that within days, Brooks was totally out of her mind and she had moved on.  She was in and she was in deep.  But holes can be mended, and I’m sure Chris is helping Des forget all about Brooks.  But, damn fixing a hole in tulle is really, really hard.  In fact, it’s darn near impossible.

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  1. Sara says

    “Can this hole be mended?” Genius. I’m still laughing. Best.caption.ever. You owe me 40 minutes for talking me into watching this finale.


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