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What’s in My Purse

I follow and read some fashion blogs, most of which are written by pretty, young girls who have boyfriends, but no kids.  They have amazing wardrobes and someone to take amazing photos of them posing, and walking down the street in their amazing outfits.  I also read a few mommy/fashion blogs where these mothers seem to have…

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Girl Meets Candid Classroom – What Parents Want to Know & Teachers Want to Tell Them

When my daughter entered Kindergarten, my husband and I had no doubt she was going to take on the world.  We also had no clue what we were doing and what was expected of us as parents in this new environment.  Having just entered second grade, our daughter is definitely taking on the world and…

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The One Where We Learn the Importance of Friendship

This summer, while talking with other mom friends, it seemed the topic of meeting new friends came up a lot.  It could be because I’m a little obsessed with it right now {maybe I keep bringing it up?}  But honestly, I think the reality is, making new,lasting friendships once you become a mom, or past a…

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Raising Girls with Healthy Self-Esteem

Self-esteem.  It’s a tricky thing, even for adults to navigate at times, so I’m determined to help my daughter navigate and stay afloat in these waters.  As someone who has at times had very low self-esteem, especially during the teenage years, it’s important to me that I raise my daughter to be confident and feel worthy…

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How to be Glamorous {With Kids}

I love Rachel Zoe.  I idolize her style {we both love Halston} and commend her for turning a love of fashion into what is now a mini empire.  I think she’s an awesome mommy and she truly loves her children.  So, how does she do it all?  That is the cutting edge question Lara Spencer…

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