#SochiProblems – XXII Winter Olympic Games


One of my favorite things to do these days is sit around watching the Olympics while reading #SochiProblems on Twitter and eating Girl Scout cookies.  I always tend to get very caught up in the excitement of the Olympics, both summer and winter, but when you throw in the fact these games have taken on a “Hunger Games” feel, well that just makes it even more exciting!

Last week, the media began arriving in Sochi and they immediately took to Twitter.  First, there was no water.  Then when there was water, it was the color of piss and may not be safe for your face.  Photos of bees in containers of honey, hotel rooms and lobbies that were not near ready for guests to arrive {it’s okay, it’s just the media, they won’t tell anyone.}  Light fixtures were falling from the ceiling, sparse hotel rooms smelled of fresh paint, instructions not to flush toilet paper down the toilet, a woman spray painting the dead, yellow grass green at the Fisht Olympic Stadium the day before Opening Ceremonies.  It’s all there for the world to see.

Let’s not forget the Olympians.  While they seem to be happy with their accommodations, photos of skiers demonstrating the “twin toilets” in their rooms surfaced.  There are lots of things I like to do with my friends, going potty isn’t one of them.  I guess privacy isn’t a word used in the Russian language.  And then there was this.  U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn got trapped in his bathroom because the door jammed.  He broke through the cardboard door Hulk-style.  Yes, cardboard.

He must’ve been pissed when he found out he wasn’t going to get his Chobani yogurt, or maybe he didn’t like the Ralph Lauren sweater he was forced to wear at the Opening Ceremonies {I happen to like the sweater, others not so much.}  Russia wouldn’t allow the shipments of the yogurt into the country even though the yogurt maker is a U.S. Olympic sponsor and an important part of an Olympians diet.  It’s a “paperwork” issue.

Then there’s Bob Costas and his pink eye , now plural, as in EYES.  After spending several days residing in Bob’s left eye, the infection travelled to his right eye as well.  His “Clark Kent” glasses couldn’t save him.  But Matt Lauer could, when he stepped in last night to cover for Bob.  It was painful to watch poor Bob each night as his eye got progressively worse.  Too bad Katniss’ mom couldn’t get to Sochi.  She would’ve taken care of that shit days ago.

As for the athletes, so far, the odds are not in Ashley Wagner’s favor as she was more impressed with herself than the judges were in the team figure skating competition.  And the half-pipe was a disaster as Shaun White failed to medal last night.  Blame the pipe as snowboarders have been complaining for days about its condition.  As for Johnny Weir, he’s commentating for NBCS, and it makes me sad to say, but he’s actually prettier than most of us.  More #SochiProblems…

These Olympics aren’t even half way over.  Thankfully, I have lots of Girl Scout cookies.

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