Smells Like Tween Spirit {or An Ionic Nebulizing Aromatherapy Diffuser Review}

If you’re the mother of a tween or a teen chances are you have a diffuser and an array of essential oils in your home.  They seem to be a popular accompaniment to the VSCO lifestyle.  I personally, don’t use a diffuser and have never had one.

As for essential oils, nope, none of that either.  I do have a small vial of lavender I got from a Westin hotel and I occasionally rub it on my wrist when I’m feeling particularly stressed.  So, when I was approached by Organic Aromas to review an Ionic Nebulizing Aromatherapy Diffuser, I thought I’d give it a try.  Aromatherapy, therefore essential oils, go along with my self-care, wellness, I’ll try anything once, journey to find peace and relaxation.

Organic Aromas Ionic Nebulizing Diffuser

According to WebMD, essential oils are oils made from certain parts of a plant, like the leaves, the bark or the herbs. They can be used in a variety of different ways.  Currently, they are popular for use in the bath either used in bath bombs, bath gels or bath salts.  The science behind essential oils is that they possibly send a chemical message to the part of your brain that affects mood and emotion.  The hope is the smell will make you relax.

The diffuser is a vehicle for dispersing the essential oils.  The one I chose to review is the Raindrop 3.0 Nebulizing Diffuser.  It’s very modern and will fit in with most décor so it doesn’t look like an eyesore sitting on your side table.  It’s also very delicate with a glass reservoir and glass cap, so be careful if you have young kids.  It came with a collection of essential oils, all blends exclusive to Organic Aromas. You have your choice of Passion, Purity, Signature, Burglars {my favorite because it smells like cloves but not quite sure where it gets it’s name from,} Serenity, and Energy {another favorite because it’s minty.}

It’s super easy to use. Once you insert the reservoir into the wooden base, you add your essential oil into the reservoir, replace the glass cap, plug it in and watch it go.  They suggest using 20 – 25 drops of oil.  I used 20.  It was in my bedroom and within 10 minutes we could smell it several rooms away.  It was almost too overpowering.

It turns out my daughter had bumped it up to its highest setting, so we switched it back to low and it was a much more pleasant scent.  The diffuser automatically runs on a cycle of two minutes on, one minute off. It will run for two hours before it shuts itself off.  There is also an LED light in the base, so while the diffuser is no longer diffusing, the light will stay on.

We were very intrigued by this diffuser since it doesn’t use water and I never knew something like this existed.  Instead, there is an ultra-fine, very faint mist coming out of the top. The scents are very concentrated and you should be careful if you’re prone to headaches due to different aromas.  Use them sparingly.

We have yet to clean it, but based on the directions it looks easy.  They recommend cleaning once a week with rubbing alcohol and provide all the tools necessary.

I’m happy with the diffuser and look forward to trying some other aromatherapy scents in it, like my favorite lavender.  However, like the tween VSCO girl that she is, my daughter has highjacked the diffuser and claimed it as her own.  Given the current state of the world and her upcoming school year, she may need it more than me right now.  I guess we can share.


**This has been a sponsored post.  Organic Aromas is a company dedicated to helping people use their essential oils in the most effective, least wasteful way possible.  By eliminating water, the oils will not be diluted or contaminated. And they are committed to not using harmful materials like plastic, which we should all agree needs to go away.

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