DIY Valentine’s Day Garland



What you Need:

10 paper straws

Construction or other craft paper to make 10 hearts

Heart shaped cookie cutter to use as a tracer


Pink, red or white thread and a needle (or kitchen twine would work well)

Tape (I used masking tape because it won’t be seen)

Last week my daughter wanted to make a Valentine’s project.  Since I’m so crafty these days and our Halloween garland turned out super cute, I thought it would be fun to do a Valentine’s garland.  I pursued Pinterest for inspiration, found a couple that I liked and combined some elements of each.

I found some adorable paper straw garlands, and lucky for us, our friend Sara had recently sent us a couple of boxes of red and white striped straws for Christmas.  We also have a lot of pink construction paper and different craft paper so we decided to use these to cut out paper hearts.  Ella and I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to trace the hearts onto the back of the paper.  Next, we cut them out and ended up with 10 different paper hearts.  We laid out our pattern – one heart, one straw.

I didn’t have any string, but I did have red thread, so after spending five minutes trying to thread a needle (this is a warning, after 40 your eyesight starts to go and it starts to go quick), we were ready to “sew” our garland.  It was easier to get the needle and thread through the straws if they were smaller, so I cut them in half.  Working as if I were sewing, starting at the back of the paper, poke the needle through to the front, pull it about an inch, and poke it back through so you end up in the back again, leaving about an inch of thread at the end of the garland.

Next, I pulled the thread through 2 halves of the straws then repeated the process until I had used all of the hearts and all of the straws, again leaving about an inch of thread on the other end of my garland.  I used masking tape to tape my excess thread to the last straw (we are putting our garland on our mantle, which is pretty high, so it’s not really visible.  To us anyway, we are all short.  You may want to use prettier tape if you can see where your tape is.)

Last, we taped the garland to the mantle, and I purchased some adorable Valentine’s decorations from the dollar bin at Target to help disguise the tape and jazz up the mantle.  I think it turned out pretty cute and it was a fun after school craft.




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