DIY Halloween Bat Garland

Bat Garland

My crafting skills are a lot like my baking skills, it takes a lot of practice to get it right.  And I don’t practice nearly enough.  So, when I have something that’s half way descent, I want to share.  Not because I’m bragging, but because I’m keepin’ it real.  Pinterest has ruined it for all us amazing mothers who have little talent outside of wiping bums, cleaning up barf, or bribing our kids to do something with a lollipop and a promise.  I can cuddle like no other, but let’s face it, cuddling with a six-year-old isn’t really “pinnable” is it?

A good craft will keep my daughter occupied for hours.  So when she was mopping around on a recent Football Sunday {“I hate football Sunday, what’s something fun that I can do?”} I took to Pinterest for an easy, low maintenance craft.  I found a pin on creating Halloween bats using pillow boxes.  We used toilet paper rolls instead.  I had one toilet paper roll and a paper towel roll we cut in half.  We could now make three mediocre bats.


Here’s how we did it:

  • First, paint your roll.  We chose to go with a multi-colored palette.  Who wants boring black bats?  Not us!
  • Next, cut out some wings for your bats.  I just free-handed the wing template and we used some scrapbooking paper we had lying around.  Again, who wants their bats to have boring wings?  Not us.  You can decorate your wings however you choose.  Some of them we used glitter, some of them we did not.
  • After that, you’ll have to cut out small triangles for the bat’s ears.  You can decorate your ears however you choose.  We used some pink construction paper left over from Valentine’s day.
  • After you’re done with the wings and ears, it’s time to create some bat eyes.  We used some round foam pieces and round stickers we already had from past projects.  Again, glitter away if you choose!
  • Once the paint on your bat has dried, you can glue all of your pieces where they belong and draw your bat’s mouth and fangs {I obviously free-handed this part as well.}

We continued to make bats for about a week.  We ended up with seven bats total, so I decided a garland would be a good way of displaying them.  We cut some holes in the side of the bats and strung them with twine.

Pinterest creates an often times unrealistic portrayal of the world of crafts.  My daughter and I had more fun creating bats using “crazy colors” and unconventional items than we would have had we tried to make the perfect little vampire bats portrayed in the pin.  But Pinterest is great for inspiration; you can take an idea from a pin and make it whatever you want it to be.


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